Photon Lizze | Perola Negra


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Photon Lizze | Perola Negra
Photon Lizze | Perola Negra
Photon Lizze | Perola Negra
Used for capillary treatment with greater safety and effectiveness,
providing with rays of cold light, making techniques like straightening,
hydration and relaxation. Because the use of the  Photon Lizze Perola Negra keratin for hair.

It is a photonic system progressive brush accelerator; final brushes;
dyes; balaiagens; relaxation; hydration; reconstruction and smoothing.

Differential Photon Lizze Perola Negra 

The LAD (laser) emitted is 5W, making the focus even larger and reaching almost
the whole head, not needing the wick application per wick. Due to its design
innovative, Photon Lizz Perola Negra does not heat during handling, unlike the others because it has a cooling system.

Main applications:
Progressive, definitive and temporary defenses;
  • Hydration, Balaiagens;
  • Cuticle firming;
  • Dye;
  • Relaxation;
  • Hair Therapy.

Advantages of Photon Lizze Perola Negra:
-Allows you to have straight hair without putting your health at risk;
-Diminution of application time;
-Roof fiber capillary
-Durability of color (does not fade);
-Provides brightness, fixation;
-Alisa, Relax, Model;
-Restructuring the hair fiber for new chemical processes;
- Does not alter the internal structure of the wires;
-Reduction of the exposure temperature of the wires by the plate;
-Open the hair fibers and fix the product on the hair strand.

Items that accompany the Photon Lizze Perola Negra:
01 Photon Lizze Perola Negra Bivolt;
01 Pair of glasses;
01 Exclusive Lizze bag;
01 explanatory CD;
01 Instruction manual;
01 Warranty Certificate.

Technical Features:
- Apparatus for professional use;
- 5W of power;
- Low energy consumption;
- Amazing results;
- Apparatus designed exclusively to accelerate chemical capillary processes;
- Operating voltage: 127-220V - 50-60 Hz;
- Spectral band of light: 470nm
Photon Lizze | Perola Negra
Photon Lizze | Perola Negra
Photon Lizze | Perola Negra